Welcome to Todos Santos Baja the town in a long desert highway, that has become home of many

great artists and have become a nice Pueblo Magico in the Los Cabos Baja Sur Mexico

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Welcome to Todos Santos Baja California Sur Mexico

For many people visiting Los Cabos, specially the big Resorts destinations such as Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, is a reccommended daytrip visit.
To know a bit more of the Baja and all kind of shapes and colors it has at every corner of the peninsula.

But for many visitors to Los Cabos, that visited the area before, they fell in love with this town and traded the daytrip visit, to a full lenght stay and made the daytrip to Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

Where is Todos Santos How to Get  there

How far is Todos Santos rom Cabo San Lucas?

It is located one hour north of Cabo San Lucas and about one and a half hour frive from SJC Los Cabos airport.
La Paz Baja city is about 40 minutes, it is very well connected, so the ways to get to this are pretty much easy.
There are a four lane highway going both directions along the Pacific Ocean side, which makes an easier and safer ride along the main spots in Los Cabos Mexico.

Best time to Stay in Todos Santos

The most visited time of the year is for shure, during the winter time, when hundreds of people love to come down to enjoy the warm weather and the relaxing living style, while it is snowing or having record low temperatures back home.
That is why you can find lot of Canadians and US citizens that lives in the north side of the states.

Visit Todos Santos Baja in your next visit to Los Cabos

Visiting and staying in this town, is like disconecting from what the traditional Baja city is.
A more cultural and artistry location where you can find by yourself, the places, colours that inspires many paintings and sculptures that fill the many galleries in town.
There are many great activities and attractions just outside town, a nice trip to enjoy of their beaches, and activities will spice your vacations.