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Welcome to San Jose del Cabo Mexico, Los Cabos Baja California Sur main spot of the Resort destination, where you can find the Best Accommodations, things to do, Restaurants, Shopping and services to make your vacations an even more enjoyable experience.
Where to Stay in San Jose del Cabo

San Jose del Cabo Mexico is the Cabo San Lucas sister city, a pretty relaxed town along the Tourist Corridor and the closest point of the Los Cabos International Airport, as well as Todos Santos, this place has some nice colonial buildings and a Mission in the Plaza Mijares square right in downtown, the historic Downtown San Jose del Cabo Art District that gather some of the best art galleries where work from local artist as well as foreign are displayed periodically.


Where to Stay in San Jose del Cabo

Here you can find some of the best Accommodations in the area, there are al plenty of Resorts and Boutique Hotels, that match perfectly with the relaxed atmosphere of the area along with the warm and sandy beaches, unfortunately those are not suitable for swimming, so relax and contemplate the sea as well as having some walks along the shore would be a very an excellent idea.
Over the years, San Jose del Cabo Mexico draw the attention of many people and investors and over the years, ending in what is currently now.


San Jose del Cabo Hotels on the Beach
Beachfront Accommodations

Hotels on the Beach

San Jose del Cabo counts with some of the best beach locations that have become the main points of interest in the region, such beauty and popularity, gave an open way for the proliferation of all kind of lodging, right on the beachside, or as near as possible.

Great Hotels and Resorts have appeared for almost any kind of taste and budget, from luxury accommodations, to cheap and more affordable options.


Marisol Boutique Hotel
Marisol Boutique Hotel

Boutique Hotels

Also with the always growing number of all inclusive Resorts and Hotels, making this once exclusive destination, to a more affordable location, but without losing it´s status of exclusivity with the growing number of high end ultra luxurious Resorts.


What to do in San Jose del Cabo Mexico

What to do in San Jose del Cabo Mexico

There are lot of things to do and places to go while in Cabo to make your visit complete, the main attraction for this location are its natural beauties that can be find right in the sea and the desert .

A nice Resort destination such as San Jose del Cabo, with premier accommodations and the best activities, which are for start, it´s Sportfishing, which attracts thousands of people every year, so great is this activity that this area was called, sportfishing marlin capital of the world.


Dolphin DiscoveryDolphin Discovery

Golf is another great activity, favorite for many tourists, beautiful Golf courses have appeared and the number are still growing.


San Jose del Cabo Point Of Interest

San Jose del Cabo Point Of Interest

Many other water related activities are also a great deal attracting people, from surfing, to scuba diving, snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, whale watching, sunset cruises, etc, etc .


Estero San Jose del CaboEstero San Jose del Cabo

Some of the best Shopping, Restaurants and Bars in the region can be found in the downtown area, and in some adjacent places such the Estuary and the Puerto Los Cabos, you can experience the feeling of of the old and nice typical Mexican town is the head place of the Los Cabos municipally, as far as 20 miles from Cabos San Lucas.


San Jose del Cabo Art district

Downtown San Jose del Cabo Art district

Many great new traditional and Cosmopolitan options have emerged due the rising of many great Luxurious Resorts, targeting a more demanding visitor, that is always looking for better and newer experiences , and well, Cabo should provide.


San Jose del Cabo RestaurantsSan Jose del Cabo Restaurants



Cabo San Lucas Transportation

San Jose del Cabo Transportation

Here you will find basic information to travel advisory from where to stay, places visit things to do and local attractions, and ways to move around and travel services.

Where is San Jose del Cabo Mexico

The estuary, is an adjacent natural refugee, just a few steps from downtown, where you can enjoy and watch some of the natural beauties and wildlife of the baja.


San Jose del Cabo Puerto Los Cabos

San Jose del Cabo Puerto Los Cabos

At Puerto Los Cabos, as the newest place in the area, is constantly growing and offering more a better options every time, be sure to go and check what is new and cool in the area. It is also a very nice option to take a walk or have a bicycle ride tour along the marina.

All year is great for visiting Cabo, every year, the kind of visitors are different, from the ones that comes for sportfishing which it’s best time is on summer, when high temperatures rises in the destination, from the ones coming running away from the ice cold temperatures in their hometowns, and love to spend if not weeks, months in Cabo enjoying of the great weather Mexico offers, San Jose del Cabo the perfect place to be on your vacations.


The Perfect weather for tourism year round

Cabo is the place to be, at least one in a lifetime, a place where you can enjoy from all the beautiful natural attractions Mexico has, that are a lot.

Weather varies through the year, it could reach temperatures up to 100 F on summer time, but the lowest temperature about 60F.

Here you will find a small sample of the Mexican culture, you can sample the warmth of their people, and the relaxed atmosphere they use to live, and the great traditional food that this country has.


San Jose del Cabo Plaza MijaresSan Jose del Cabo Plaza Mijares

Of course… a sample, you will have to experience the whole enchilada, i mean, country to know the real Mexico.

What you could find, is a small sample of what people brought from their homeplaces in the mainland, due this location is mainly inhabited by people migrating from other states in the republic, looking for a better way of life, than the one they had in there, and well, they found it.

Come down to Cabo and find what all the Buzz about this place is all about, Gene Simmons somehow started it with his Rock and Brews, come by yourself and find out why.


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