Welcome to Los Cabos Cabo San Lucas Mexico, the Baja California Sur main spot of the Resort destination,

where you can find the Best Accommodations, things to do, Restaurants, Shopping and services

to make your vacations an even more enjoyable experience.



The Ridge at Playa Grande Luxury Villas

Set between impressive rock formations, Ridge in Cabo San Lucas offers views of the Sea of Cortez and access to the private Solmar Beach. Close to the marina and Land�s End, it features a spa and 4 restaurants.

Breathless Cabo San Lucas All Inclusive Adults Only

Located in front of El Medano Beach, just next to the Marina Los Cabos, Breathless Cabo San Lucas All Inclusive- Adults Only features a swimming pool, theme parties and free WiFi throughout. The luxury suite offer coffee maker and flat-screen

Tesoro Los Cabos Resort

This 4-star Cabo San Lucas hotel overlooks the marina. The hotel offers a spacious outdoor swimming pool with 2 hot tubs and a pool bar, a full-service spa and on-site restaurant.

Things to do


Happy Ending Cantina

One of the favorites watering holes in Cabo San Lucas Enjoy of the best popular music to keep the beat all day and night, stripper poles as we mentioned and Satellite TV, come watch andy NFL, MLB or ESPN. There
Golf Courses

Cabo San Lucas Country Club

Golfers will surely enjoy this Dye designed 18-hole golf course known as the Cabo San Lucas Country Club. The Cabo San Lucas Country Club is set amid endless cacti and blooming Bougainvillea bushes and is the area's only course offering
Things to do

Cabo Eagle Divers

We are a cabo dive shop company with more than 15 years of experience on scuba diving in Cabo San Lucas, Cabo Pulmo, Gordo Banks, La Paz in the Sea of Cortez, which all together creates a professional, safe and


shuttle from san jose del cabo to cabo san lucas

Shuttle from San Jose del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas

Find the Best  Shuttle from San Jose del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas in your next Vacations go Los Cabos Mexico. One of the easiest way of transportation from the SJC San Jose del Cabo Airport. All-Ways Cabo Transportation Serving

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Downtown Cabo San Lucas - Shopping Restaurants and Things to do


The place where great Restaurants, Great food and Shopping meet, just like many downtowns accross the world are the places to meet the real local culture and flavors. As usual, everytime you travel you end up tryling to try and
Medano Beach Cabo San Lucas

Medano Beach Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Welcome to the Medano Beach, the Cabo San Lucas most visited place, some say is the most famous beach in the world. That host some of the nicest Exclusive and All inclusive Resorts and is the hottest spot in Los

Welcome to Cabo San Lucas Mexico, in Los Cabos Baja California Sur

Many people reffer to this town destination as Cabo, but this is just a small spot in the whole Los Cabos Baja area.

Many people may think that this is the place that started the whole Resort touristic area.

Well, sort of it, there were some spots scatered in the South Baja that made famous the location,

many smalls hotels appeared ny the sea of cortez and the pacific side.

Cabo San Lucas used to be the main port receiving small cargo ferries, so commerce started blooming in this area.

And San Jose del Cabo, the main municipality of Los Cabos.

Best Accommodations right on the beach

Over the years, Cabo San Lucas draw the attention of many people and investors and over the years, ending in what is currently now.

Cabo San Lucas counts with some of the best beach locations that have become the main points of interest in the region.

Such beauty and popularity, gave an open way for the proliferation of all kind of lodging, rigth on the beachside, or as near as posible.

Great Hotels and Resorts have appeared for almost any kind of taste and budget, from luxury accommodations, to cheap and more affordable options.

Also with the always growing number of all inclusive Resorts and Hotels, making this once exclusive destination, to a more affordable location,

But without loosing it´s status of exclusivity with the growing number of high end ultra luxurious Resorts.

What to do in Cabo San Lucas

There are lot of things to do and places to go while in Cabo to make your visit complete, the main attraction for this location are it´s natural beauties that can be find right in the sea and the desert .

A nice Resort destination such as Cabo, with premier accommodations and the best activities,

which are for start, it´s Sportfishing, which attracts thousands of people every year, so great is this activity

that this area was called, sportfishing marlin capital of the world.

Golf is another great activity, favorite for many tourists.

Beautiful Golf courses have appeared and the number are still growing.

Many other water related activities are also a great deal attracting people, from surfing, to scuba diving,

snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, whale watching, sunset cruises, etc, etc Where is Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Here you will find of the best Restaurants and Bars in the entire country, showing you a sample of the best dishes that made Mexican food so famous and preffered.

Many great new traditional and Cosmopolitan options have emerged due the rising of many great Luxurious Resorts, targeting a more demanding visitor.

That is always looking for better and newer experiences , and well, Cabo should provide.

Where is Cabo San Lucas?

It is located next to the Finisterre part of the Baja, on the Baja California Sur Peninsula,

next to the main iconic attraction that is Los Cabos Arch, which you may probably saw in thousands of pictures and postcards of great Mexican destinations for years.

It´s location is just a few hours flight from main cities and is a easy planning trip for a weekend getaway in Los Cabos.

Getting to this spot and it´s most popular locations, have become easier every time, with more and more flying connections, making travel to this destination

Just a few hours away from your home to some of this famous and nice beaches.

Many people opt for a roadtrip, well once you get to La Paz city, after you have traveled the whole baja península, you are almost in the place.

La Paz city, is about a 1.5 hour flight from the U.S. making Los Cabos, pretty much and extension of the SoCal.

It has from one side the cool and beautiful Pacific Ocean, and the Sea of Cortez from the other side.

Has a small bay which has ine of the most visited beaches in the world.

Cabo San Lucas Map

All year is great for visiting Cabo, every year, the kind of visitors are different, from the ones that comes for sportfishing

which it’s best time is on summer, when high temperatures rises in the destination.

From the ones coming running away from the ice cold temperatures in their home towns, and love to spend if not weeks, months in Cabo enjoying of the great weather Mexico offers.

Las Cabos st Lucas the perfect place to be on your vacations

The Perfect weather for tourims yearround

Cabo is the place to be, at least one in a lifetime, a place where you can enjoy from all the beautiful natural attractions Mexico has, that are a lot.

Weather varies trought the year, it could reach temperaturas up to 100F on summer time, but the lowest temperature about 60F.

Here you will find a small sample of the Mexican culture, you can sample the warmth of their people,

and the relaxed atmosphere they use to live, and the great traditional food that this country has.

Of course… a sample, you will have to experience the whole enchilada, i mean, country to know the real Mexico.

What you could find, is a small sample of what people brought from their homeplaces in the mainland,

due thus location is mainly inhabitated by people migrating from other states in the republic,

looking for a better way of life, than the one they had in there, and well, they found it.

Come down to Cabo and find what all the Buzz about this place is all about.

Sammy Haggar somehow started it whit his CaboWabo cantina, come by yourself and find out why.