Cabo San Lucas Medano Beach, the hottest spot in Baja

Welcome to the Medano Beach Cabo San Lucas most visited place, some say is the most famous beach in the world. That host some of the nicest Exclusive and All inclusive Resorts and is the hottest spot in Los Cabos Mexico.

Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos Blanco All Inclusive

Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos Blanco All Inclusive

Located in Cabo San Lucas, this resort is situated on El Mendano Beach. It features on-site dining and guest suites offer a private balcony or terrace with view. The suites at Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos include fully equipped kitchenettes and
Baja Brewery

Baja Brewery Cabo Villas Rooftop

Best Cabo San Lucas Craft Beer at the Rooftop of Cabo Villas Beach Resort All Inclusive Come and visit the best Baja Brewery in it´s great location right in the most popular place in Los Cabos, The Medano Beach, at
Blue Marlin Ibiza Cabo

Blue Marlin Los Cabos

Me Cabo Pool Party 2018 at Blue Marlin Ibiza Cabo Located poolside at the chic ME Cabo resort the best Me Cabo Pool Party 2018 in Cabo San Lucas at Medano Beach Los Cabos, Collection of cosmopolitan beach clubs in
Playa el Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas

Playa el Medano Cabo San Lucas

Playa el Medano Cabo San Lucas Mexico Welcome to Playa el Medano in Cabo San Lucas, one of the top attractions in Los Cabos Mexico, the best Baja California Sur destination. This is in Cabo, the most family friendly and
Riu Palace Los Cabos

Riu Palace Los Cabos

Riu Palace Los Cabos It is surrounded by splendid gardens with beautiful views of the beach, and luxurious service for guests to enjoy during their stay. This Palace, with its relaxing atmosphere, offers the best way to regain strength and
ME Cabo All Inclusive

Me by Melia All Inclusive

The Best Me Cabo Pool party 2018 at Blue Marlin Ibiza Cabo Set in the hottest and privileged spot host of the best Me Cabo Pool Party 2018 at one of the best all inclusive resorts on Medano Beach. Reflecting

Cabo San Lucas Medano Beach is the most visited place in Los Cabos, where we could say the whole destination started.
First by setting some of the first Resorts in Cabo, along with the best Beach Restaurants and Bars in the Region.
It became the most requested place to be in the entire Baja California Sur.
From this point you have access to some of the best Attractions and Activities in Cabo San Lucas.
Which are the Cabo San Lucas Arch, scuba diving and snorkeling, the Cabo Marina, and downtown are close to it.


Medano Beach Cabo San Lucas a few steps from Downtown

It is set by the Cabo San Lucas bay and goes from the Marina from one side, go the end of what the Cabo San Lucas area is.

Cabo San Lucas Medano Beach, the hottest spot in Baja
It is the area in Cabo that faces the Pacific Ocean, and the Sea of Cortez.
And is basically the swimmable part of Cabo San Lucas, which made this location the most friendly and preffered place in town.

Many people love to go walking enjoying the place, starting from any point of the marina, which ends where the Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas area begins.

From there you can walk and enjoy of the beautiful views of the bay while you walk along the shore.

Some of the accommodations in town offer transportation to this location, from regular taxis and tours, to water taxis coming out from the Cabo Marina, where they can take you directly to the main popular spot, without having to walk under the hard hot sun by the beach, which is also great.


Beaches in Cabo San Lucas

Along with this beach that is literally in the city, there are others that are together with these, one is the beach of the packer Playa Empacadora  that is disconnected from the dune area to have the marina in the middle, because if you want to visit this beach, you would need to surround the marina or take water taxi.

Another accessible beach from there is the  Lovers Beach or PLaya del Amor and the Divorce Beach that are next to the emblematic stone arch of Cabo San Lucas, and practically the easiest way to access it is through a boat, or rent a Jet Ski, or it can be sailing in a kayak or in a stand up paddle board, even swimming, but with extreme caution since it is a zone of enough traffic of boats and boats of sport fishing as well as tourists in water skis.


Medano Beach Swimming

This beach, in addition to being able to swim and practice many other sports activities, are one of the safest that can be found in the destination, for the safety of visitors, and locals and foreigners, have implemented a series of buoys that delimit the area and that the boats can approach, in addition to serving as a type of floating limit there are people who are swimming in this limit can be held safely at any time.

Having several of the best hotels in the area, you will also find a surveillance team will be pending at any time In case an event occurs and can help you if you are in trouble at the time of swimming.


All inclusive Resorts on Medano Beach

The popularity of this place has grown without measure, and hotels that previously offering a traditional European plan, now offer one of the best all-inclusive packages, with the best services and meals in the area.

In this part of Los Cabos you can find several of the best accommodations with this type of plan that is constantly being updated to become one of the best spring or that type of plan in the area, in addition to being located in the most popular area and sought after from Los Cabos


Where to go in Cabo?

Being on vacation in this destination, the search for this specific location, is required and being in Los Cabos, in this location is the most popular beach bars, many renowned restaurants, as well as one of the most friendly and suitable beaches for swim that are found throughout the tourist destination.

There are indeed many more swimming beaches even friendlier than it is in the vicinity, but it will be closer, convenient and accessible to all those around.

This area is a stretch that goes from the marina, to the other end with the beach of boulders beach, and it is a quite pleasant area both for sunbathing, to enjoy long walks through this, and enjoy the beautiful views that can be seen from any point to the Bay, and being on the other side can appreciate the panorama starting from the distinctive rock formation of this place in conjunction with the chain of hotels, and appreciate the beautiful blue colors that the sea of Cortez.

It is a socially recommended visit especially for the sunsets and tranquility that can be appreciated is these beaches.


Awesome vacations at Playa Medano Beach in Los Cabos Mexico

If part of your plan is to be swimming at the beach, with a nice weather and warm waters, it’s best time is in the months From July thru November, in ehich you can find the hottest months of the year, even the combination if warm seawater, attracts most of the tropical storms, but also is the best time for sportfishing in Cabo.

Medano Beach Cabo San Lucas a few steps from Downtown
When a tropical storm gets close to the destination, some high waves can be felt at the Playa Medano Beach Cabo San Lucas.
So try to look ahead in advance if you want to have some Tropical Storm free vacations.
The rest of the year is great, to visit and stay a some of the Resorts in town, vacation rentas and Hotels.
There are great all inclusive Resorts at Medano beach that offer some special promotions all tear thru the seasons.


The best choice in Cabo San Lucas Medano Beach

The best choice in Medano Beach Cabo

This location in fact is a must go place when you go on vacations to cabo, it is a short distance of any point in town, and it is the place where, when you think about Cabo and you picture people partying by the beach with a great beach in the background, so no visit is complete if you don’t go to the Medano Beach area.



Medano Beach Cabo Map