Welcome to the East Cape of Baja California Sur Mexico or better known as the Cabo del Este in Los Cabos Mexico, the far side from the Main Resort destinations in the tip of the Baja Sur Peninsula, away from the crowds and the noise of the cities.

Cabo Pulmo East Cape Los Cabos Mexico

Cabo Pulmo Mexico

Welcome to Cabo Pulmo Mexico in the East Cape Mexico, some of the places in Los Cabos Baja that still has that flavor of the old Cabo. A great place for scuba Diving and Camping just like old Cabo Baja
Four Seasons Costa Palmas in La Rivera East Cape Mexico

Four Seasons Costa Palmas in La Rivera East Cape Mexico

Welcome to Four Seasons Costa Palmas in the East Cape or Eastern Cape in Los Cabos, brand new luxury private beach resort set at 1000 acre community along two miles front of the beaches of Sea of ​​Cortez in Baja
Grand Luxxe Residence Club at Vidanta East Cape

Vidanta East Cape Grand Luxxe Residence Club Cabo

Welcome to the Vidanta EastCcape Grand Luxxe Residence Club Cabo. Setting the new standard in luxury and high end Resorts in Los Cabos. Boasting incredible high views of the Sea of Cortez And the most spectacular and largest pool in

Los Barriles Hotel

Each spacious, air-conditioned room at this charming Baja California hotel offers free Wi-Fi, a minibar and views over the outdoor swimming pool. Los Barriles Beach is just 300 metres away.

The East Cape of Baja California Sur Mexico

It is the great side of Los Cabos that had been remained unknown for most of the visitors.

It is a bit far from the main spot locations such as Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo and the tourist Corridor.

It is close to the SJC Los Cabos International Airport, even closer than Cabo San Lucas, but it have been

Not fully developed like the other towns, where lot of Hotels and Resorts, Marinas and Golf Courses have been made.

Yes, there are a few big Resort projects, mainly taking advantage of the less known and exclusivity they could get.

In a relaxed place away from the busiest place in Los Cabos.

Find where is East Cape Los Cabos Mexico

Set by the East Side of Los Cabos, all by the Sea of Cortez, many little fishing towns are located on this area.

Which are the favorite spots for many visitors that love the feeling of the “old Cabo” from decades ago

When this destination wasn’t that popular and was a well kept secret from some people.

That sense of unknown and secludedness, catched the attention from Hollywood actors and producers along with

Rockstars, where they found a place away from everything, where they can enjoy some vacations and enjoy some very

Private parties, without being bothered by the mass media and people, where they could enjoy themselves.

Little towns and places like Cabo Pulmo, La Rivera, Los Barriles, are a few ones of the most visited spots in Cabo del Este.

All the Attractions and things to do in Cabo del Este, Los Cabos Mexico

This part of Los Cabos is great anytime of the year, locals and families love to spend weekends camping in remote locatios

For decades. They enjoy of a nice cool and fresh weather most of the time, and they are not usually hit by tropical storms.

And their beautiful beaches, won’t have high and dangerous crashing waves like in the Pacific Side, serting this location

A perfect relaxed and safe for your family place, where they can enjoy swimming at the sea all day long.

Visit The East Cape of Baja California Sur Mexico in your next Vacations

They are lot Accommodations, from small resorts to boutique hotels, and some of the nicest Vacation Rentals in the area.

Some of the best attractions and things you should see in Baja, along with great activities to enjoy of the attractions.

Many great activities and things to do are available, from having the Aquarium of the world at hand, as Jaques Costeu ince called.

To the mountains to go and explore, discovering, rivers, lagoons, waterfalls
and thermal water springs,
the chance of staying in cabins next to forest in the middle of a mostly desertic enviroment.
That is unusual to think Los Cabos as an active volcanic area.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful and remote places in Los Cabos, a visit that really worth
The visit in Baja.