Downtown Cabo San Lucas Mexico
Downtown Cabo San Lucas


Cabo San Lucas

The place where great Restaurants, Great food and Shopping meet, just like many downtowns accross the world are the places to meet the real local culture and flavors.

As usual, everytime you travel you end up tryling to try and learn about it´s most and deep local culture, like traditions, food, and heritage as well as it´s backgrounds, where you can meet the real (or at least) the most local people that have been in these place since almos ever.

Find local goods, or almost, more traditional goods that you may find in the mainland, look for traditional food restaurants and new entrepeneurs looking to blend the traditional style whit the new era.

Decent and traditional places to stay are always availabl, just like the one you could have years ago, there you can experience the real old time charm of the Baja.

An why not, have a great party and relaxing time having the traditional tequila and the great Mexican beer well known and recognized worldwide, along with some great tacos.