There are great Things to do in Todos Santos Baja Sur Mexico, find what to do and great activities in this

Los Cabos Mexico “Pueblo Magico”.

Todos Santos Fishing

Things to do in Todos Santos Baja California Mexico

If walking around town is an activity, well that will be the best thing to do.

Wandering around town, just like many of us does, just looking around every corner from a different perspective,

is a pleasant thing to do. A way to wake up the inner artist while you capture the best picture by now, from your phone.

There are more activities of course, from surfing, sportfishing and some beach activities, just outside town.

Walking visiting it’s historic places and the many great artist galleries that you can find everywhere.

From local artists now, that once came go this little town, and decided to move permanentely to

this location, where they have found their inspiration by the magic of the place.

Best Todos Santos Things to do in Los Cabos Mexico

This Baja’s Magic town, is for being enjoyed all over, and explore the surroundings.

Outside Todos Santos there are some nice beautiful beaches that are suitable for surfing, and us one of the most popular surf spots among locals and many visitors.

Local fishermen offer the catch of the they, while other takes you to fish, making sportfishing in their little pangas a nice activity in Todos Santos.

They have some sightseeing tours, specially for whalewacthing on season. Whales feel so comfortable at this location, that loves go stroll very close to the shore.

More beach activities are offered on site, now there is a beach club, where you can enjoy of a great relaxing

and fun day by the bay in a beach chair, having some cool coronas, great snacks and great music.

Around downtown visiting galleries and historic sites in the location, tequila tasting, food tasting and

having a great coffee in Todos Santos, is one of the things to do, lot of friends ask me to do everytime i go,

and of course, they ask me about my experience when i come back town.

Great Things to do in Todos Santos Baja California Sur Mexico while on vacations

There are some seasonal activities, which will post, so keep tuned.

Let’s start with the anual visit of the whales at the Baja Peninsula, just like the snowbirds they have every year at the end of the fall, and all winter time.

Is the best time for spotting this beautiful creatures.

Sportfishing is always great anytime of the year, have in consideration that, there are open Pacific Sea waters,

so spect big strong tides, that could be acentuated during the visit of tropical storms on season, mostly on summer time.

Some galleries closes during the low season and open for high season that are mostly for the fall, winter and spring time.

There are some festivals that are great to attend, such as the international movies festival of Todos Santos,

and a yearly Music Festival that brings alltime rockstars as well as new performers and folk artists.

Find the best Things to do in Todos Santos in your next visit

Visiting this little town, is more that just looking around, it is getting inmersed into a Magical Cultural experience,

which have captured the attention of hundred of people from all over the world through the years.

And just like the song says, “you can check out anytime, but you can never leave”.

You will have always something of Todos Santos with you.

BTW, go and visit the Hotel California.