Welcome to the Los Barriles Fishing Charters
One of the best activies in this small vacation destination.
Fishing right off the beach is a popular and fun activity
To spend a great time by the beach relaxing
And doing what you like and enjoy.

Los Barriles Fishing Charters

Due it’s great location and great wheater year Round.
In the Sea of Cortez side of the Baja California Peninsula.
Makes some of the best spots for sportfishing
With excellent conditions to go out fishing in the Baja Mexico.
You could find a great variety of fish, like stripped and blue marlin
Yellow fin tuna, Mahi Mahi (Dorado), seabass and many more.

Fishing Charters in the East Cape Baja Mexico

As one of the most important activities and attractions
In Los Barriles, plenty of companies offer their services
To provide you with the assistance for you to have the best experiences
And memmories of your great Vacations in Baja.
You will find all you need for your adventure
Full equiped Fishing boats or Pangas with everything for a safe and nice trip

East Cape Fishing Charters

Fishing is grear year round, you can come anytime
And have a great time fishing in Los Barriles area.
You will mostly find yellow tail tuna, tuna and grouper.
Deppending the time of the year you may find marlin and sailfish.
But that is on season specially hot summer days.