Los Cabos Fishing Paradise is by itself the numer one activity that put Cabo in the map, literally.
When years ago, gossips about a great sportfishing paradise spot, started to attract hundreds of sport fishing aficionados and proffesionals.


Fishing in Los Cabos Mexico


Los Cabos Fishing

Back in the days, decades ago, when Cabo wasn’t what is now, a big Luxury Resort destination.
Cabo was like a well kept secret among people that love go out sport fishing.
By that time, Los Cabos was almost unnaccesible, and a tipical ride to get here from La Paz, that usually now takes about 2 hours driving, by that time could take up to 6 to 8 hours.
People comming specially from the US started comming flying in small planes, landing in small landstrips, and at that time, a few hotels were built, and those were mostly sport fishing hotels.
Hotels like Palmilla in San Jose del Cabo, Finisterra, and Hacienda in Cabo San Lucas.
People loved that concept, and they still do. They are still people looking for the place like old Cabo of decades ago.

Nowdays, Los Cabos is considered one of the top sportfishing destinations wolrdwide. And big tournaments like the yearly Bisbees celebrates the start of 5he high season on the las weeks of October.

Best locations for Fishing in Los Cabos Mexico

There are great places go fish all around the Baja, starting with Cabo San Lucas, where a large infraestructure for the tourism was built creating the nice and largest Marina in Baja California.
Places for sportfishing all around, from the Pacific Ocean to the Sea of Cortez, van be found as much as fishing towns in Baja.
Great spots from San Jose del Cabo, to the East Cape and Todos Santos.

Best time for sportfishing in Los Cabos

Fishing in Los Cabos, as in many other places, the kind of billfish varies acording to season.
Making the best time to fish during the summertime, when weather and water temperatures raises.
And the chances of catching a big Marlin, Tuna or Dorado increases.

Best of Los Cabos Fishing Tournaments

Comming down to Cabo with your family, charter a boat for sportfishing, has been an activity that have brought thousands of great memories to people since decades ago, when they used to get adventured with their parents into the wild Baja.
And yes, you can hear those kind of histories in many of those traditional bars by the marina, when you meet people that has been comming year after year, while you enjoy of a nice beer.