What to do in San Jose del Cabo

Find the best Things to do in San Jose del Cabo, you will see unique things to do in Los Cabos in the calm and relaxed side, from city walks to zip lining in thrilling challenging courses and camel rides by the beach and exploring the beauty of the Baja desert.

Best Things to do in San Jose del Cabo Mexico

For many people that know a little about Cabo, they know that this side of Los Cabos, is the less noisy and less party side of the destination, speaking about major popular  towns where most of the tourist developments are located.

  • Enjoying nightlife

  • Visiting the main square

  • Walking the art district

  • San Jose del Cabo art walk

And the convenience of the major attractions and things to do and see while on vacations.
Just in case you want to do some more than just staying at your hotel relaxing, which is fine, most of the people do that.

For the ones that come because the local attractions and activities, we will list a few things you may be interested, and some you already know.


Find What to do in San Jose del Cabo

Los Cabos is surrounded by water, and San Jose del Cabo is not the exception, most of the main activities are water related.


Water activities in San Jose del Cabo Mexico

The most popular and the one that put Cabo in the map many years ago, was and still being the fishing.
Sportfishing from shorefishing to fishing at the sea, in a boat from small panga to a large boat.
Some other activities like surfing is also popular in the area, tide are perfect for anybody like beginners, where you can get more experience practiciing your skils.

Snorkeling and Scuba diving are some of the most requested activities, for the ones that loves to watch the natural beautyes of the destination.
For the dolphin lover, you can swimm with the dolphins in San Jose in two locations.
Convenientelly located in the San Jose Hotel Zone and in the Marina at Puerto Los Cabos.

Just in time for the season and a reason to visit the Baja during the winter time, is to spot whales, from the shore, the commodity of your room at your accimmodation, or in a whalewatching tour, that are so popular in the entire Baja this time of the year.
At any point of Los Cabos. Whales like to go all around the south Baja Peninsula, as a round trip.

More activities such kayaking anf paddle boarding, jet skis and more shore activities are popular in beaches that are swimmable, safer and friendly for families.


Golf in Los Cabos Mexico

Puerto Los Cabos Golf Course.- Overlooking the Sea of Cortes, at the last outpost of development before the comforts of modern civilization give way to rugged, unspoiled coastline.

The relaxed enviroment makes San Jose a great spot for Golf Courses, that despite being calm places, they can be challenging.
You may see some great golf courses in the are, celebrating tournaments from time to time, and rhe opening of some more new Golf Courses or improving the ones they have with more amenities.

For the Baja thrill seekers

There are some challenging tours with zip lines, hanging bridges and bungee jumping to give you an idea to something quite and unusual for the Baja and Mexico itself, that is the Camel back rides by the beach, when traditionally we are used to horse and donkey back riding.


San Jose best time for sportfishing in Los Cabos

Anytime is great to come and fish in San Jose del Cabo. In this region that is Los Cabos, sportfishing is better on the summertime, weather is a bit hot, but it looks like the perfect conditions for the fish when the sea temperature is warmer.


Best time for Whalewatching

Whale watching starting by the middle of the fall season, till the arrival of spring is the best time to spot whales.


Unique Things to do in San Jose del Cabo while vacations

Well the calm little town that is San Jose del Cabo, have lot of unique things to offer yearround, at this point you should have at least a idea of what and when to come if you want to enjoy of this attractions.
Find in the listing, some of the most convenient lodging locations to the main spots, and what is close and available to this Accommodations.