Where to fly into Cabo San Lucas Mexico

It is time to go Flying to Cabo San Lucas to start your well deserved vacations in Los Cabos Mexico.

Where to fly into Cabo San Lucas Mexico - Flying to Cabo San Lucas

But you may wonder how to get there, how can you get there flying. All inclusive Vacation packages includes flights and transportation You don’t have to worry about getting to Cabo.

Of course if you are reading this you are considering the option To do it yourself, right?

Flying to Cabo San Lucas in Los Cabos Mexico

Well, there are three airports close enough to land in Los Cabos.

The most easy and frequently used for Flying to Cabo San Lucas is the San Jose del Cabo Airport.

The biggest in the Baja Sur and serves many international flights And national flights as well.

It is located about 40 minutes drive from Cabo San Lucas.

But you can arrange, a car rental, airport shuttle, taxi and now, public transportation, that is cheap, easy and reliable.

There is a Cabo San Lucas Airport, here you can find Where to fly into Cabo San Lucas at it’s own airport that serves mostly small Private and Commercial national and local flights.

Many Cabo Travelers love to fly to Cabo and land on this Airport.

It is just a few miles from the Hotel Zone, transportation from there is easy and fast like taking a taxi.

Another option is the La Paz Airport, a medium size airport.

That serves for national and international flights connecting with some other major airports.

From there, is a shuttle service to Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

Or just rent a Car as needed, just a 2 hours drive in a safe 4 lane highway.

Where to Fly into Cabo San Lucas

Cabos San Lucas is located at the southern part of the Peninsula.

By the lands end.

Major plans on upgrading building a bigger airport But that will take more time to become true.

By now the best and more reliable is the SJC airport.

It has everytime, more deals with major commercial airlines And have more routes coming to this port.

Now you know how to get here, so moving to and from your Accommodation won’ t be a problem, and your major concern Will be, where to start enjoying of this destination.