Playa Costa Azul Los Cabos Mexico

Playa Costa Azul los Cabos one of the most popular beaches in Los Cabos, starting from the south part of the San Jose Hotel Zone .

Connecting to the cool AcapulquitoBeach right at the Cabo Surf Hotel, theres a 2 miles surfers territory

where you can find great waves year round.

Playa Costa Azul Los Cabos Mexico

Blue Coast is a nice white sand beach very popular place that gaters surfers all year,

specially on hurriacanes ans tropical storm season.

That happens to be on summer time in Cabo, these creates some of the largest waves and also water is warm and inviting

to come over and get into it´s cool waters.

Watersports specially like surfing is suitable enough for beginers, just be shure to check where the shallow rocks are,

and you´ll be fine, ask the locals the best to spot to surf.

Best Beaches in San Jose del Cabo Mexico

Weather make it perfect place for Windsurfing and kayaking, Parasail, snorkeling and diving are popular activities too,

some of the most popular things to do in Playa Costa Azul San Jose del Cabo Los Cabos.

You can spot whales from any point of the beach on season, sometimes middle outum thru the ends of winter,

sightseeing is very popular in this Resort destination.

Best Beaches in Los Cabos Playa Costa Azul Mexico

Sportfishing is a great activity in this area due to the abundant and wide veriety of fish, have some fun just the way you like to,

or experience some new activities.

This beautiful trench is covered with lot of nice hotels and condos and it is a very nice place to sit and relax,

to jog and walk and a swimmable if you have what it takes.

Sometimes swimming is not advisable unless you are completely sure or have experience with high tides,

as we always say, security is what security do.

Stop at your closest grocery store, pack some cool beers and a ice chest, and hit the road to the beach!