Looking for some of the best East Cape Resorts for your vacations, maybe you heard about Cabo del Este or want to stay in a Resort close to the tourist areas

like San Jose del Cabo, well here you will find some great options.

What’s New

Four Seasons Cabo

Four Seasons Los Cabos

New Four Seasons Costa Palmas Opening soon in 2019 Welcome to Four Seasons Los Cabos San Lucas at Costa Palmas Baja California Sur in the East Cape or Eastern Cape in Los Cabos Mexico, brand new luxury private beach resort set
Vidanta East Cape

Vidanta East Cape

Vidanta Los Cabos Grand Luxxe Residence Club in Cabo Welcome to the Vidanta East Cape Grand Luxxe Residence Los Cabos setting the new standard in luxury and high end Resorts in Los Cabos, boasting incredible high views of the Sea

The Best East Cape Resorts in Los Cabos Baja Mexico

Cabo del Este have been underdeveloped as a big Resorts destination, yes it has some of the best attractions

in Los Cabos and have everything to become a big resort destination, but, at this time, most of the developments

are located by the other side of Los Cabos, which are Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo and Los Cabos Tourist Corridor,

even bybthe Pacific side in the way from Cabo San Lucas to Todos Santos.

All those locations have all the infraestructure and great attractions that set their resorts in very beautiful places and gorgeous spots in Los Cabos.

At the East Cape, by now, there are some small Resorts in some small towns along the Sea of Cortez.

But new projects are being developed in the East Cape Region, starting with some locations pretty close to San Jose del Cabo

and the SJC Los Cabos International Airport, this brand new developments, are planning to be the best in Los Cabos.

Some bery luxurious places that will set this place as the best Resort exclusive resort location.

Brands well known in the vacation industry by being some of the most luxurious brands worldwide, like the Four Seasons,

Ritz Carlton and the East Cape Vidanta Grand Luxxe Residence Club.

They will start putting this area like the most luxurious and exclusive place in the Baja.

Bringing some of the best amenities and Signature Golf Courses setting a new standard in the Resort industry in the region.

East Cape Resorts for fishing and RV travelers in Los Cabos Mexico

It won’t be a grear Resort if if is not having a great location, on a nice and beautiful beach.

The few ones are located close to popular towns in the East Cape, some up to 40 minutes driving from SJC airport.

The future Resort developments will be set closer to san Jose del Cabo, which is the closest Resort Destination,
and is more accesible and easy to develop.