Caesars Palace Resort at Puerto Los Cabos

The brand new Caesars Palace Resort will mark one more step in the luxury resorts in San Jose del Cabo,

the relaxed side of Los Cabos Mexico.

A brand new non-gaming beach front Accommodation in Puerto Los Cabos Marina with two signature Golf Courses at hand.

Caesars Palace Resort in San Jose del Cabo Los Cabos Mexico

A great development of a $200 million luxury beachfront resort, a non gaming Hotel that will have some of the

best features in the destination like fine dining Restaurants, top of the line spa services, and of course great

amenities that are a must in this Resort destination such as pools, cabanas, gym, tennis courts and access to signature Golf courses.

Will count with 500 Rooms and Suites in a luxurious enviroment, that will host their visitors in an ambient of exclusivity.

It is a reflect of what is currently happen in Los Cabos with the increasing numbers of accommodations,

but the attention that have captured to new markets.

Located at Puerto Los Cabos Marina Caesars Palace Resort

Right in the San Jose Marina, a few miles from the downtown area, where most of the city attractions

like art galleries, fine dinning restaurants and bars are located.

Puerto Los Cabos have become a great point of start for many luxury accommodations in the destination of the Baja Peninsula.

Setting this Resort in a surrounded enviroment of natural attractions, beautiful beaches,

beautiful sunrises and sunsets in a calm and relaxed enviroment.

Caesars Palace Resort

It will start it’s construction in early 2019, along with other projects in the destination, that will contribute

to the growing number of luxury Resorts on this side of Los Cabos, from San Jose del Cabo to the East Cape.

While Cabo San Lucas remains as the most popular spot in Los Cabos, the middle and east side of Baja,

are betting into becoming the luxurious and exclusive side away from the crowds.

A great Luxury Caesars Palace Resort in Los Cabos

Without a doubth Los Cabos still growing in the direction of not just becoming one of the most popular

destinations in the country, but, one of the most exclusive and luxurious.

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