Cabo San Lucas vs Los Cabos

Difference Between Los cabos and Cabo San Lucas

You may ask yourself what is in Cabo San Lucas vs Los Cabos, and that is a really good question, to know the Difference Between Los cabos and Cabo San Lucas or is Los Cabos the same as Cabo San Lucas, and Which place is the right for your vacations, for start, it could be a misconception of what Los Cabos is.

Difference Between Los cabos and Cabo San Lucas


Is Los Cabos and Cabo San Lucas the same place?

Let’s clarify that Los Cabos is a Municipality that has many small towns in which Cabo San Lucas is included, people wonder about if is Cabo San Lucas vs Los Cabos are the same place, well let’s explain a little more in deep.


What is the difference between Los Cabos vs Cabo San Lucas

The Right question is Cabo San Lucas vs San Jose del Cabo.

Both major and popular locations are located within Los Cabos Municipality separated by a 18 miles trench.

Let’s round up each in major conceptions.

Cabo San Lucas vs Los Cabos is for party, San Jose del Cabo for relaxing.

Don’t get it wrong, both places have relaxed and party like environments.

But each one have more than the other.

For a long time it has been talked about what would be the best place to stay is Cabo San Lucas versus Los Cabos, the situation is in what some years ago still maintained a marked difference between one destination and the other but is changed lately.

The strait that previously stopped at 12 cities in this destination has been populated with new hotels and resorts doing what are no longer so separated from each other.

And usually the Los Cabos vs Cabo San Lucas was that one of the places was more like to party on the beach in nightclubs and bars in while in the other it was a quieter place for older people with a more relaxed atmosphere and could be said to be less noisy but this has changed lately well, not that it was a radical change but significant.


Best Bars In Cabo - Cabo San Lucas Versus Los Cabos

Party versus Relaxing in Cabo San Lucas vs Los Cabos

The party of Cabo San Lucas versus Los Cabos is that while Cabo San Lucas was overflowing with bars and restaurants for parties, in San José del Cabo there have also been a proliferation of bars and restaurants which have made the offer for nightlife even greater on this side of Los Cabos.

However, the predilection for the party on the beach and the clubs of Cabo San Lucas versus Los Cabos San Jose set the big San Jose del Cabo vs Cabo San Lucas.

Here we are going to highlight some slight differences that perhaps influence the decision of where to stay, not that it is totally different from each other but maybe some factors encourage you to stay either one way or the other.


Divorce Beach Cabo

Cabo San Lucas

To find out about the Cabo San Lucas vs San Jose del Cabo, let’s start with Cabo San Lucas, the popularity of this destination lies mainly in what the main beach or closest to what is the center of the city is safe to swim so it is perfect for the whole family.

Cabo San Lucas has the major party clubs and beach clubs and bar.

Those places have put Cabo in the map and made it famous as a party happy all the time place.

Yes it is that way but it has lot of places to chill out and relax away from all the party noise and people.

That is why it is one of the busiest places in this destination and it is where the first hotels and resorts in the area have been built.

In addition to that a Navy was built in the mere center of the city which made a great majority of visitors in search of aquatic activities decided to stay on this side of Los Cabos.


Costa Azul San Jose del Cabo Mexico

Is Los Cabos the same as Cabo San Lucas Attractions in Los Cabos?

Adding that a lot of the attraction of Los Cabos is on this side as is the stone arch, the colony of sea lions, and one of the most beautiful beaches of Los Cabos which is the lovers beach  that connects with the beach of the divorce joining what would be the Bay of Cabo San Lucas on the side of the Sea of ​​Cortez with the Pacific Ocean on the other side.

Given that the popularity of this destination grew a lot in a short period of years it was not strange that places were appearing to have fun like the nightclubs bars and very good restaurants in various parts of the city.


San Jose del Cabo vs Cabo San Lucas

San Jose del Cabo

San Jose del Cabo in the other hand, it have remained as a laid back town.

Where many hotels and Resorts have established Offering a relax atmosphere that is the favorite kind of place For people of certain age that don’t go much to clubs or retired.

They prefer some different activities, like art walks around town.

Playing some Golf rounds, going sportfishing or taking Relaxed visits to Restaurants, and wine bars.

By now, there is a brand new Omnia Dayclub in the laid back Cabo Just like the ones in Vegas, New York, London and Dubai.

But for nightlife, the major offer still in Cabo San Lucas.

Now, in San Jose del Cabo, is a little less popular Cabo San Lucas, and many times tourists complain that they were deceived because they expected to stay in place like Cabo San Lucas and ended up in San José del Cabo, It’s not bad, but they expected something a little different.


Beachfront Villa Vacation Rentals in Los Cabos

Difference Between Los cabos and Cabo San Lucas Great beaches, but not so good for swimming

Cabo San Lucas versus Los Cabos beaches, for start its beaches that are close to the city are not 100% safe to swim, you are not recommended, so part of the biggest attraction of a place surrounded by beaches and where you can not swim, gives a slight sensation of hospitableness.

Is Los Cabos the same as Cabo San Lucas beaches?  both are nice, the views and sunsets and the sunrise are beautiful but the waves are generally a little strong that’s why there are not many restaurants or bars at the foot of the beach, of course, with its exceptions, but they put special care in that.


los cabos bars
Omnia Los Cabos

Arts and Music in Los Cabos

Given that the city is a little less visited or full of tourists, it gives a quieter atmosphere so many older people who really do not care about swimming or partying in bars and clubs prefer this side of Los Cabos.

And Guess what, since the kind of tourist or visitor is different to Cabo San Lucas versus Los Cabosor San Jose del Cabo, to make a distinction of the two places have been popularized places like art galleries much more cultural events, have created new and better restaurants with culinary offers exceptional, and new bars that can rival those found in Cabo San Lucas, offering a wide variety of drinks, meals and dishes as well as live music, and the best music to dance.

San Jose del Cabo now has a marina What is Puerto Los Cabos in the nearby town of La Playita, it is not attached to the city but in a way it provides more options for many more activities in the area.


Cabo San Lucas vs San Jose del Cabo

Both great places to choose San Jose del Cabo vs Cabo San Lucas

Many of the new options of Cabo San Lucas versus Los Cabos hotels, if you are not yet very determined on where to stay or stay, a good option could be to be in the middle of what is the tourist corridor of Los Cabos, could be relatively close to either side or the other.

Although if your idea that is in one place and remain within a walkable distance of the attractions you prefer, in that case, you could decide between one or the other.

You know, a lot of parties in Cabo San Lucas, tranquility and art in San José del Cabo.

When is time to decide which place is better for you in Los Cabos.

You can stay in both places, have in mind the transportation in between.

Or you can stay in the middle along the tourist corridor.

Then you decide, party places at walking distances, or a more

Relaxed environment all along.



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