Lovers Beach Cabo

Playa del Amor Los Cabos Mexico

Walk to Lovers Beach Cabo San Lucas Mexico,one of the most beauty and visited beaches in Los Cabos Mexico, looks like it has a character of its own, sometimes is hard to get to it while other times is really an easy and joyful ride, this small beach have been part of many events celebrated in that place.
Divorce Beach Cabo

Lovers beach and Divorce Beach featured in many tv shows and famous fashion and travel magazines, it is a beautiful beach that connects the Sea of Cortez with the Pacific Ocean.
It is a must to know the destination well, and especially this natural beauty, which is part of one of the essential stops when you are visiting the area of ​​the arch, the colony of sea lions and appreciating the rocks that separate these two seas.

Divorce Beach Cabo

Right in the middle of both sides, where it separates Is the Divorce Beach Cabo, with very strong Pacific Ocean waves crashing.

This beach is the one that faces the Pacific Ocean, and separates completely from what is Cabo San Lucas offering beautiful views and scenarios worth visiting, but at the same time a little dangerous to swim, so which is recommended only to visit, enjoy the views, take some beautiful pictures and enjoy the place.


Playa del amor Los cabos

Can you Swim at Lovers Beach Cabo San Lucas Mexico?

Not recommended for swimming but still very beautiful to watch and enjoy the scenery at the place, this small beach is located just behind of the iconic Los Cabos Arch and another pile of rocks forming a trench of sand in between.

Even when the sea is a bit dangerous in that part close to the rocks, there are seasons when the sea is calm enough to allow swimming around safely, it never hurts to take extreme precautions in these parts of Los Cabos.

Best Beach in Cabo

Walk to Lovers Beach Cabo San Lucas Mexico the Best Beach in Cabo

Every few years, there is no certain date for that but sand tends to accumulate all around the arch and connect to the Lovers beach and Divorce Beach, or Playa del Amor by a sand trench you can walk around, and even walk down the arch.

That is where most famous pictures of the iconic arch with people enjoying and walking comes from.

At this time is when many visitors do not miss the opportunity to take a boat ride and take some pictures walking around and under the arch.

They are opportunities that only occur every few years, so it is very appreciated by people who like to come and visit Los Cabos.


Lovers Beach Snorkeling
Lovers Beach Snorkeling

This part of Cabo, remains as part of the Natural Sceneries that remains protected, the major natural attraction along with the stone Arch, an underwater experience for the scuba divers.

A colony of sea lions between the arch rocks enjoying Cabo and some snorkeling spots where you can appreciate many kinds of beautiful tropical fish, this area is popular with the glass bottom boats tours.

The large number of rock formations that are next to the beach of love, form a perfect place for the proliferation of marine life, especially tropical fish which can be seen in those spots, and this is one of the places closer to Cabo San Lucas where one can do this activity.


How to get to Lovers beach and Divorce Beach Cabo San Lucas

The easiest way to reach it is thru a boat tour or a water taxi, depending on the sea conditions, you may find a little difficult to land, boat will drop you right at the shore in the crashing waves.

There is no dock to arrive so you may get a little wet, but it worths the splash…

The options are from walking, or climbing, to swimming or comfortably in a kayak, a Jet Ski, or on board a boat or boat to get to this separate part of Cabo San Lucas.


Kayak to Lovers Beach cabo

Kayak to Lovers Beach Cabo San Lucas Mexico

There a time of the year, in every 3 to 4 year period where a bigger base of sands forms around the arch and it is really easy to get and walk around.

If you are taking a water taxi, they will drop you at the beach and can be arrange to pick you a few hours later.

This is one of the funniest and most entertaining activities, which along with paddle boarding is the most popular to travel and reach the beach of love, itself the tour around the rocky parts is very entertaining , but getting to the beach is a recommended stop to enjoy what must be done.


Water Taxi to Lovers Beach Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Also the boat tours will leave and come back a few hours later the other way is by climbing some big rocks, it will require some physical effort from your part with some exercise.

Small Water Taxi to Lovers beach and Divorce Beach departing from the Cabo San Luca marina, and even directly from the beach of the dune, offer trips to know and enjoy the arch and Playa del Amor, this being the great attraction while one is on the beach and in that destination.


Can You Walk to Lovers Beach Cabo San Lucas Mexico?

Accessing thru the Solmar Hotel and walking along the beach there are no restaurants and bars at the beach, you have to bring your own food and beverages, make sure you bring a plastic bag.

It is a very easy and fun way to get to the beach of love, but it does require a bit of physical effort since it is through a path, which goes between the rocks and then descends to the beach, arriving at the beach. divorce as the easiest way to descend.


Hike to Lovers Beach Cabo

Hike to Lovers beach and Divorce Beach Cabo

To carry all your trash, there are no trash containers, some vendors will carry some small snacks and water and sodas bring some cash in case you want to purchase from them, and this place requires the help of everyone to keep it clean.


Lovers Beach Cabo San Lucas Mexico Map