Lands End Cabo San Lucas

The Cabo San Lucas lands end

Welcome to the Lands End Cabo San Lucas, that is the set of some of the best attractions in Los Cabos Mexico. Which is the very tip of the Baja California Sur and host the top natural wonders in this destination.

This place in Los Cabos is the most visited spot in the destination. Almost any picture related to this destination have been taken in this small spot of Cabo San Lucas which is the very tip from one side of Cabo.

Tours are set and go all over Cabo San Lucas lands end every day to visit and anjoy of this emblematic place. That has some of the most impresive rock formations, leading with the iconic stone arch, and some other representatives rock formations.
It is the place which host a sea lion colony which have become very popular, in part thankd to the social networks like youtube, showing some funny behavior of this interesting animals.

Cabo San Lucas lands end  has one of the most beautiful beaches in Cabo, The Lovers Beach by Cabo San Lucas Bay and Divorce Beach on the Pacific Ocean side.

Also a few snorkeling places on site and scuba diving sites, attracts people that loves all kind of underwater activities.
In fact, the lands ends spot, has some of the deepest points.


The end of the Baja California Sur Mexico

It is the place that divides the sea of cortez and the pacific ocean, right at the tip of the Baja California Sur Peninsula.

This landmark, somehow marks the start of the Los Cabos destination.

And mostly everything on this little resort destination have been built around it.

Yes, there are many small towns and poaces that forms Los Cabos like San Jose del Cabo, The East Cape with Los Barriles and Cabo Pulmo, and Todos Santos from the Pacific Side.

Some of the first resort developments started next to it. As usual, many Resorts look to capture the best locations with the best views to offer the best experience to it’s visitors.


Lands End Cabo San Lucas is one of the best natural attractions in Los Cabos Mexico

It is like, is seasonal to visit the lands end. Sometimes sea and weather conditions aren’t safe to land on their beaches, or touring around in a boat, could turn into a harsh experience.

Also from time to time, every few years, a sand bar forms under and around the arch, making it able to walk under it. and is the set fpr some of the most impresive photos taken in the destination.

I am not shure how often or in which sesson, the sea lions colony migrate to other spots in Baja for a couple of weeks. So if it is in your plans to choose a specific date for any event like visiting the colony, hopping off the

Lovers Beach or walking under the Arch… check first to be shure.


Visit the Arch, Lovers Beach and the Sea Lion Colony

Basically, every visit, or at least one, isn’t complete without a visit to the Lands End’s. There are hundred of people offering tours to this location, from nice sunset dinner cruises, small booze cruises and even pirate ships, to just glass bottom boat tours and water taxi. That gladly will take you for a ride to this beautiful location in Los Cabos Mexico.

Lands End Cabo San Lucas Map