Come and enjoy of the beautiful Beaches in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, have fun in the sun and sand in Los Cabos Baja.

Visit ine of the most popular beach on earth, where thousands of people come to visit every year.

The Best Beaches in Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Cabo San Lucas by itself is an attraction, but the best places are out of sight from downtown.

If you are not staying at a Beach Hotel or a Beachfront Resort, well, you should take a trip the beautiful sandy beaches.

Where you will see not just the beautiful blue colors of the sea, the chance to have a grear time into one of the beach
Restaurants and Bars along the shore, and many great things to do and activities.

Cabo San Lucas Beaches in Los Cabos Baja California Mexico

There are lot of beautiful beaches to choose from, and all within a short distance, so you can visit them all.

Beaches in Cabo San Lucas are technically split by the land’s end Arch of Cabo, the tip that divides the Sea of Cortez.

And the Pacific Ocean with the finisterre tip at the end of Baja California Sur, to give you an idea.

Beaches by the Sea of Cortez, are more Swimmable, sometimes, some of this might have some strong waves,

But still safer to swimm, those of course, are more easy to reach from Cabo San Lucas downtown area,

And are the favorite spots for friends and families since ever. All them are beautiful and fun.

Even the lovers beach next to the arch is swimmable, but sometimes could give you a hardtime.

By the Pacific Side, that is a different story, starting with the “lovers beach”, it’s go thru to the Pacific Ocean side.

Behind the big rock formations, and well, it is called “Divorce beach”, wich huge waves from the Pacific’s open waters.

A very beautiful place to be and see the ocean, but dangerous to try swimming, so be careful, if a wave surprisesly cath you.

Along the Pacific side of Cabo San Lucas, well, some people or oven resorts, will advertise as they have private beaches.

They are not, all the coastline in the country is public, here in Cabo, by the Pacific,

some beaches are hard to get to them, unnaccesible or hard to reach. Like one of the top Beachfront Resorts in Cabo,

They made a tunnel across the mountain to reach a beautiful location by the Pacific Ocean setting a sense of exclusivity and

Luxury, it’s beach still not swimable, but the views and location are gorgeous. Beach might be public,

but the way to get it, is private. They may reccommend you to take a water taxi to get there.The

Cabo Beaches anytime of the year

Visiting all these beauties in Los Cabos, anytime is great, the wonderful and beautiful colors remains yearlong.

Even under a tropical storm or huriacane, the sea is beautiful.

If you have plans for getting a great time dipping into the water, and you preffer nice warm temperature, it is not

that water tends to be freezing cold, but from time to time, it is really comfortable.

Personally from the months of May thru late November is much better, water is warm, weather is hot but enjoyable.

Visit the Best Beaches in Cabo San Lucas in your next vacations to Los Cabos Mexico

The top attractions in Cabo are the beaches, and is great you can enjoy the most of them.

It will be helpful to know which is better for your vacations, and which is better

and safe for a family visit. If you are looking for some lodging in a beautiful beach, or close to it, look some at the best beachfront

Accommodations we have listed, we will handpick the best option.