Attractions in Los Cabos Mexico


Great Points of Interest

This destination is full of natural wonders, that is why it is one of the best tourism destinations in Mexico being one of the preffered places for the adventure seekers as well as people that just want to have some great vacations surrounded with beautiful landscapes and mild weather.

Baja California Sur as a Peninsula and this destination at the southermons place well known as the Lands End, it is surrounded by the Sea of Cortez from one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other, gives a great amount of beaches everyone with the beauty of it´s kind, some very accesible and close to the populated areas and many other secluded and hard to get unless you have a guide or are in a tour trip.

  • Playa Palmilla
    Beaches in San Jose del Cabo

    Playa Palmilla

    It has a swimmable beach that counts with a protected area separated from a section to launch small boats to the sea. It is a great place for beach and sea activities,...

  • Playa Costa Azul
    Beaches in San Jose del Cabo

    Playa Costa Azul

    Starting from the south part of the San Jose Hotel Zone, Playa Costa Azul Los Cabos is connected to the cool Acapulquito Beach right at the Cabo Surf Hotel.

  • Medano Beach
    Beaches in Cabo San Lucas

    Medano Beach

    It is just the one that faces the Sea of Cortez, and goes from the Marina thru the big boulders you see next to the Thompson Hotel. This place concentrates most...

  • Acapulquito Beach
    Beaches in San Jose del Cabo

    Acapulquito Beach

    Preferred by locals as well as visitors due to be very well known as one of the beaches where you can have fun surfing

  • Stone Arch
    Natural Formations in Cabo San Lucas

    Stone Arch

    The Cabo Arch is a natural rock formation at the very tip of the Baja California Peninsula.

  • Lovers Beach
    Beaches in Cabo San Lucas

    Lovers Beach

    It is a very nice and secluded beach, that faces the sea of cortez, and basically is in front of Cabo San Lucas along the Bay, you can take a Water taxi, take your surf...

  • Chileno Beach
    Beaches in Los Cabos Corridor

    Chileno Beach

  • Santa Maria Bay
    Beaches in Los Cabos Corridor

    Santa Maria Bay

Spectacular sunrises and sunsets are very appreciated specially in boat toours that brings a very romantic atmosphere to the place. Such place that started or was put on the map due to be called the Marlin Capital of the World, many years ago became very famous for some hollywood stars from de Golden age movie era that constantely travel to the region.

An Anual tournament that gives the welcome to the High season it is celebrated on the month of October, this tournament with the name of Bisbees Tournament with one of the bigges jackpots in the world.


The main star in the region are of course, the beaches. That mix of desert landscapes on one side and spectacular turquoise water in the other settled in long beautiful sandy beaches are the perfect place for relaxing, enjoy nature and observe the wonders of nature.

Water temperatures are always welcoming and most are safe for swimming and do almost any kind of water sports, having some perfect spots for scuba diving and snorkeling due to the great underwater wildlife.

This area happens to be the passing way of a seasonal whale migration that comes from the North from late November till April, surrounding the Baja Peninsula and going far in the Sea of Cortez up to Loreto Baja California. This migration is a great chance to be enchanted by this enourmous mammals giving this place a very well deserved place in the memory of many tourist that come year after year to watch the migration.

Famous Arch

This rock famous formation in Cabo San Lucas is itself one of the well most known in the this destination, being iconic to this place. It is at the very end of the Peninsula one of the must see spots, it is totally over the water, but avery few years it forms a small beach under it making able to walk or pass thru. so check with your travel manager if it matches the dates you want to visit.


Large sandy and desert landscapes, at the mountains or boarding the beach, makes it perfect for ATV tours, buggies or horse riding.